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About Us

Healthy Principles Fitness Training, LLC was founded in 2013 by me Stephen Marino. I am a W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified and a lifelong athlete. I firmly believe you can attain your fitness goals in a healthy and natural way using a simple formula, which encompasses 3 principles: Eat a healthy natural diet, engage in regular exercise, and having proper recovery post training sessions. My main objective is to provide an exciting and friendly personal training environment while delivering results.


Healthy Principles Fitness Training, LLC has much pride in giving every client the most functional training workout geared toward each individual. No matter what your fitness level, I can help you attain your short and long-term fitness goals. I am here to motivate, encourage, and give you the most positive experience! Most of all I will give you an amazing workout that will energize your day! I specialize in helping people with autoimmune diseases attain their fat loss goals and delivering results! 

I myself have Chronic Kidney Disease, Gout & Hashimoto's Disease. I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2009 unexpectedly. I happened to go to the doctor from feeling exhausted from what I suspected was Mono. My doctor called me up and told me, "You have mono. That is the least of your worries though, you have something going on with your kidneys!" 

I immediately responded, "You must have my results mixed up with someone else." 

The doctor assured me these were my correct results from my blood work & urine sample. 

I went to a kidney specialist, but by the time I went I was booted off my parents health insurance shortly after. I let the mono run its course & eventually I felt fine. 

Fast track to 2019, I was walking around & my right foot began hurting. I figured my foot was sore for whatever reason. A few days go by and each day the pain gets excruciatingly worse where I can't place any pressure on my foot. Even the bed sheet had me in tears! I told the guy I was walking with from a couple days before what was going on & he told me, "Kid, you've got gout!"

I got home that night & was crawling on the floor crying in pain. My dog looked at me just wanting to go out to pee & I couldn't get up off the floor. That weekend, I went to the walk in clinic & he gives me a blood test & urine test. He thought I had gout & wanted to slice my toe open to squeeze out the pus, I told him no! Less than 24 hours later he calls me & says your blood work & urine sample have come back positive for gout. That is the least of your worries though, you've got something happening with your kidneys! Go see a nephrologist." (Same thing as the one doc told me back in 2009!) 

The thing was, I never went back to the Nephrologist (kidney specialist) after 2009 because I eventually felt fine. Now I go to the kidney specialist twice per year for follow ups.

Fast track to around May 2022, I start to feel completely exhausted to where I can barely workout or even walk. I would just want to sleep day & night. I went to my kidney specialist thinking my kidney function may have tanked. He said I wasn't at a low enough function to feel this tiredness, something else may be going on. So he checked my blood work and it showed ANA Titter out of range. He told me that means autoimmune disease which he thought I may have lupus. I went to my primary doctor and he suggested I see an Endocrinologist. I went to an Endocrinologist and we did blood work, she called me up a couple days later explaining to me that I have Hashimoto's Disease.


What are you waiting for? Call TODAY!

Stephen Marino, CPT, Pn1 



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