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Here at Healthy Principles Fitness Training, LLC, we want to accommodate you and exceed your expectations. We do this by offering a variety of services to always keep you motivated. We want to help you stay on your fitness success story and keep everything fresh. Whether you want the 1 on 1 attention from Personal Training, or are too busy to make it into the gym by appointment and would prefer online or hybrid training. We have just what you need to get you into those skinny jeans again. Call to schedule a session risk free!

Personal Training

All Personal Training sessions are for 30 minutes each! Every session that you come to will be all about YOU! Your workout programs will be functional for you. All of your sessions will be a workout written tailored to your needs, your lifestyle, your interests & most importantly your goals! The goal is to train to make your everyday living as easy as possible in all aspects of health. Each time you come in, you will always have a different workout routine than you had previously to keep things fresh, motivating and to dominate your fitness goals!

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Online Personal Training

Online personal training is a great option for you if you live far away from your trainer, have a difficult time making it on time for appointments because of your busy daily schedule, are able to follow written instructions followed with a video demonstration of each exercise. Your program is delivered through an app that you and the coach only have access to. Each workout is tailored to your specific needs. You are able to message your trainer through the app, by text message, by email any time you need. You will receive weekly check ins to make sure everything is going smooth.

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Hybrid Personal Training

Hybrid personal training is a combination of online and in person personal training. Trainer and client meet in person if they live in close distance to each other or if they do not then they can meet on video chat like FaceTime. The trainer and client normally meet once per week or once per month. During the first meeting which would be a consultation that structure would be determined then. When meeting in person, or video, we discuss goals, give an overview of exercises/workouts, assessment, and demonstrate the exercises for the client, a personal training session. Client has complete access to text, phone call, Facebook group, weekly phone calls. During calls or meeting in person we go over any questions you may have, demonstrate exercises, go over nutrition, etc. You receive everything that you would as if you were training in person. The only difference is your workout are delivered an app just like online training and you get the combination of in person and online training. This is good for someone who has a busy schedule and has a tough time making it into the gym each week on a schedule. 

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