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Sabrina S.

Healthy Principles Fitness Training has been my savior. Before training with Stephen, I lacked any drive and had no support to become fit. I had gained 20 plus pounds and was beyond upset and missed feeling great about myself. Then one day I came across a sign for Healthy Principles Fitness Training. I decided then and there to call Stephen. I spoke to him on the phone and we set up a training session. From the first session I knew Stephen had my back. What sets him apart from other trainers is simple: he listens. He listens to your need and because of his expertise- he customizes a realistic fitness regime to reach your individual goals. When I wanted to quit - Stephen would not let me. The encouragement and commitment that I received from Stephen has brought me back to life. I have lost weight (25 pounds!) and gained back my confidence. I am also a member of the military and found that his guidance and training has significantly improved my performance. Thank you Healthy Principles Fitness Training!



Tiffany C.

Steve is an extremely knowledgable and helpful trainer. Whether it's a one on one sesion or boot camp setting he encourages you to push yourself and provides tons of motivation. The workouts he provides are always unique and dynamic, no session is ever the same. I always leave sore and feeling good about myself, and I can't wait to go back for more!



Vicente R.
Christy I.

Stephen is a very knowledgable and dedicated personal trainer. I see results when I work-out with him. I'm noticing my endurance has increased and energy level! Steve is a great motivator and I enjoy working with him.


Renee W.

Steve is a great trainer. I got shoulder surgery and all I got back from therapy was the range in my shoulder, I still lacked the strength. my shoulder is always in pain but Steve gives me great tips on things to do at home to help with that and he is also helping me to re-build the strength back into my shoulder. he also gives me great tips as well for my back. it is also in constant pain and I need surgery on that but refuse so he gives me amazing tips on how to try and ease the pain. These injuries were the reason why I sought out for a trainer so I can get the help i need. Steve is very patient, knowledgeable and understanding when dealing with clients who are at different levels of fitness. I love how he comes up with a specific workout plan just for you. all my friends who I have recommended to him love his workouts especially his bootcamp.


Lisa M.

Stephen is very knowledgeable in the fitness field. I love when he trains me, he also explains each exercise and about each muscle that it works and why it is important to train that particular muscle group. He gives out exciting workout sessions and creates a family like environment. Stephen is very mindful of any aches and pains or limitations and does a great job to work around any problematic areas to create and effective session! He knows what it takes to get his clients to reach their full potential!


Kesia H.

Steve provides great personal training sessions, provides work outs that anyone can get through allowing you to work at your own pace. Love that he is flexible with times, location and will do outdoor training sessions (weather permitting).


Sharon B.

A great trainer: Steve helps me get a lot done and make a lot of progress very efficiently. He's reliable and very great to work with.


Ashley Z.

Steve is really awesome. Very knowledgeable and teaches me something new every session. He's reliable, dependable and really motivating. He gives the best advice and always has an answer to all my questions. He really knows his stuff. Sometime he will even work out with me! He is a great trainer and continues to push me to the limit. I am getting stronger and achieving my goals we discussed in the beginning thanks to Steve. I would totally recommend him for everything, weight loss, strength training, toning, increasing stamina etc!


Mohamed E.

I have been training with Steve since June of this year & 2 months in, I feel amazing! My friend told me about Steve and the results that he gets and I'm glad I made the decision to train with him. Steve has been training me at the park because gyms are closed and even on the days the weather may be bad, he reschedules no problem. I feel more energized and I have even lost a few pounds.


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